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About Us

What is algebrahelp.com?

Algebrahelp.com is a math help site created to help people learn algebra in new and innovative ways. Our current content and features are the result of several years of development, design, and responding to the thousands of letters we've received on our work. The site has three primary features: Lessons, Calculators, and Worksheets. Each lesson walks users through the basics of a particular algebra topic, providing background, theory, and a few examples. Calculators enable users to enter their own problem, from a textbook or homework assignment, and instantly receive a solution along with a step-by-step explanation. Worksheets provide hundreds of sample problems, with answer keys, automatic checking, and step-by-step explanations, enabling students to practice and improve their skills.


As of Februrary 2012, algebrahelp.com receives about 7.4 million site visits per year. Our software has solved over 15 million equations, and millions of other problems for our users. Traffic continues to grow at about 30% per year-over-year. The traffic is organic, driven by word-of-mouth, media coverage, search engines, and thousands of links from teachers, professors, and homework help sites.


In 1998, John Mishanski Jr. was a middle school student in Northeast Pennsylvania.  His school's math classes reviewed concepts from elementary math class, leaving him unsatisfied. Wanting to learn about more advanced algebra topics, he started looking for information outside of class. He found that traditional math books were little more than a collection of problems -- they had little value when trying to learn something new.  Turning to the web, John was still unable to find a good "how-to" site.

Still seeking a challenge, John started working on a program to solve very simple equations. Within a few days, he completed a prototype Equation Calculator, and published it on his personal website. Equation solvers were already available on a few websites, but this one had a unique feature: it showed the steps required to solve the equation by hand. In time, the calculator started getting a hundred or so visits per day, and John realized that his need for a good algebra help website was not unique. He decided to expand the site -- creating a logo, and adding lessons to provide a general introduction on the topics that people were writing in about.

Rapid and Ongoing Growth

Realizing the potential to build something bigger, John moved the site to algebrahelp.com in 1999. In the years that followed, John continued development, adding more calculators and lessons, and divising brand new features like self-grading worksheets. The site's popularity continued to grow organically, making it the top ranking site on algebra in major search engines.

Media Coverage

Algebrahelp.com has been featured in print publications including the LA Times, THE Journal, and Access Magazine.

Home Lessons Calculators Worksheets Resources Feedback Algebra Tutors